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Pollution warning!

Geoff Wood

Damn, I fly out of Indy to the "God's country" that is Minnesota and find it's under a pollution warning. I've had flu-like symptons since I got here, coincidence? Heck, I don't know but the woman I had a meeting with this morning was convinced.

Anybody following the mess in Iowa City? Pierce dismissed How stupid does this kid have to be? Hopefully, this isn't enough to boot Alford. I like what he's done with the team.

In other tall corn collegiate news, the mensa-candidate from Sioux City that complained about McCarney's salary increase a few years back (he was upped to $1 million, the average of all coaches in BCS conferences) and has had nothing to say about the $2 million plus that Ferentz makes has taken her leave from the board of Regents. Nieland out. Maybe this Vilsack will appoint someone who went to an regent-governed Iowa university; he's got 3 spots to fill. Hey, can I be on the board?

Also, today was National Signing Day for football. Here's ISU's list: thank you, Sir, may we have another