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The Other Shoe...

Geoff Wood

Just when you're living high, it drops. Remember the other day when sports karma was working in my favor?

Not so much anymore. In the past two days the sports world has gone down the toilet:

It turned out that my flight back from Denver was during the Cyclones game against Texas A&M. It was the classic let down game: on the road against a low rated team that's taken care of business at home after a huge win. Luckily, my flight had free DirecTV so I was able to flip back and forth to ESPN and check the scores on the game and not have to spend the 2.5 hours wondering about what was going on. I wasn't able to watch any game clips, just the the bottom line as the game got further and further out of reach. Eventually, it became a blowout and our amazing seven-game winning streak that put us as one of the hottest teams in the country came to end. Jerkstores.

Then I check ESPN this evening and the unthinkable actually happened:

The Vikings traded Randy Moss. The rumors and denials have been around since season's end so I had it in the back of my mind but it still didn't prepare me for it happening. I'm officially in mourning as one of my favorites players is dead to me. Maybe that's harsh. It's probably more like breaking up with a girl. Things are cool between you, as long as you don't see her. Then comes the day when you run into her with new boyfriend and things are awkward. That's the way it will be with Moss when I see him in the black jersey. I'll remember the times we had together on Fox, on SportsCenter, in the (early rounds of the) playoffs, that game this fall against the Bears...(tear). I'm not sure I can handle him and Al Davis as a couple. What could have been?

I know the smoke's been there about the Vikings shopping Moss but I truly don't understand how this happens with the team ownership in limbo. Who made the call? Red? Fowler? Who?

Glen Taylor, please save us.