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That John Denver was full of shit...

Geoff Wood

I'm checking in from my third business trip in four weeks. This time I'm in Denver - the Mile High City. This time I have a coworker along and we're training with Trimble, a major GPS vendor. It's kinda crazy, because my pledge brother Ryan Pieper works for Trimble in this office and I haven't seen him for a few years.

We flew in on Frontier Airlines, one of those startup airlines that I've never heard of. The flight wasn't bad, despite my initial reaction comparing Frontier to ValuJet. I watched the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk contest (MJ won) on ESPN classic. The plane had DirecTV in the headrest of every seat:

That's pretty cool (take note American Airlines).

For anyone living outside the United States, you may not have heard that my Cyclones won a basketball game, yesterday. They were playing a school in rural Kansas, known as Kansas, who happens to be one of the best in country, ever. If they've ever had a conference advisary it's the Cyclones. Our defense put us in the lead for the almost the whole game only to let KU tie it up and send it to OT because of our horrid free throw shooting. In a twist of events, our boys didn't let this discourage them and came out the winners. We're subsequently the talk of the land on ESPN, CNNSI, even the Des Moines Register had something good to say about us.

Hope and I watched the game at the Fox & Hound sports bar in Castelton. Surprisingly, we ran into Matt & Brandon Schaeffer, a couple AGR's from Ames. I had no idea they lived in Indy but I'm excited to have some 'Clone fans to watch games with. We even discussed starting an Alumni Club/Gamewatch in town, as far as I can figure Indy doesn't have one. Our first order of business is to get Jamaal Tinsley to a meeting - beer's on him.