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Geoff Wood

Cyclones keep winning. Hawkeyes not so much. All is right with the sports world.

Details are coming out about Pierre Pierce's arrest and it's a strange story: "I really took it out on your bedroom" Notice that Pierre lives in Pheasant Ridge apartments. For those who don't remember it's a poverty-level income housing project in Iowa City that charges rent based on the tenant's income. Scholarship athletes don't have to count their scholarship money as income so they live for as little as $50 or so a month. I s'pose that's good since PP's folks have been putting so much money towards Alfredo Parrish (one of the state's most prominent attorney's)'s billings for the last three years, the feds can pick up the slack. Many UI football players live there, too, including the son of the state's highest paid employee (ever) Kirk Ferentz ($2 million/year +).

Also, my Vike's were sold to an Arizona businessman with a George O'Leary past. It's good to get them out of from under Red McCombs thumb, but damn, the least he could have done is sell to the local billionaire Glen Taylor and make sure the team doesn't move.

BTW: here's a pic a buddy sent from the trip to SLC.

That's east view of the office that held our training. It's pretty similar to the west, north and south views since the SLC is in a valley in the mountains. The east view out of my office is a CVS Pharmacy and a strip mall. To each his own...