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Geoff Wood

It's my fourth and final night in Salt Lake City and I realized that I hadn't posted this week. It's been a hectic week, spending most of the day training on a software package that's over my head and "recreating" in the evenings. Our training class is a good group of folks who like to have fun, so we've had full evenings. We're from all over the country (Virginia Beach, San Antonio, NYC, Connecticut, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Miami) so the group is pretty eclectic.

On Tuesday night we went up the mountain with a couple guys from the company hosting the training. We went to the Brighton ski area for night skiing. It was interesting - none of us were great skiiers and although I'd been a half a dozen times, it was only at the river valley slopes in Iowa and not since High School. The mountain was a bit different. The first run wasn't a problem and wasn't that different than back home. The second run was a different story. The third took us to the top of the mountain and that happened by accident (there's no green circles at that elevation). The lift took forever and a large part of it was almosty completely dark and the whole thing was cold. The night wasn't cheap although I was able to rent skis, boots, ski pants and a ski jacket. I had to buy gloves, a hat and lift ticket. Next time I visit Utah in February I'll have to plan ahead.

It was so much fun I didn't even realize that I was missing the Clones starting their new road streak. This time its winning and it's up to two with the win in Lincoln (four in a row now!).

Last night we went downtown to admire the planning concepts of Brigham Young and maybe find a bar. I've been to SLC before but it was '95 and the city has since hosted the olympics so a lot has changed. We found a nice Irish pub and then ran into some locals who guided us to a place we read about for dinner. We hopped aboard my favorite mode of mass transit (clean, light rails) for a few blocks and wound up at the wrong place. Our guides were new it town so we forgave them and walked the longest two blocks of my life (apparently Mormans have long legs) and found "The Bayou". It was a nice cajun place will lots of microbrews. Our group dwindled over the next few hours until it was just three of us and, surprise, I was the only one with access to cash for the cab fare ($30) back to the hotel. I left the restaurant to hit the ATM and looked at the marquee of the bar across the street to see that People's regular Heiruspecs is playing. Too bad I didn't see that sooner.

Tonight we're planning to meet for dinner out in the 'burbs where our hotels are. A lot of folks have left already so the group may be considerably smaller.

Tomorrow morning I get the chance to sleep in abit before finding my way back to the airport and my flight to DSM.

I noticed that Brad has added me to his blog. He seems to be the hub of blog activity for folks I know, so if you know me and found this place through him...leave a comment.