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Have you met Ted?

Geoff Wood

Is it just me or is TV getting better? Maybe it's just the advent of TIVO and the fact that I get to watch every episode of my favorite series when I want to watch them but I really like some of the shows out right now.

My latest favorite is LOST. I didn't start watching this one until half-way through the first season but Hope and I are hooked. However, I do hope that eventually they start to resolve some of their plot lines - every episode opens up new ones but I need some resolution to stay interested.

My other favorite drama is Commander in Chief - new on ABC this season. It may be my latent feminism or just the fact that I appreciate political drama when I can believe in the politicians. It's so much easier with the fake ones than the current administration (see my two favorite book series centered around Mitch Rapp and Will Lee).

In the comedy category we really enjoy Boston Legal. William Shatner has always been a favorite actor but his portrayal of the ecentric Denny Crane is outstanding. James Spader as Alan Shore is great, too.

A show that I'm surprised I enjoy is How I Met Your Mother on CBS. It follows the life of some late-twentysomethings living in NYC. The plot centers around Ted who is unlucky in love but always looking for the perfect woman. The actors all play about my age and so far I can truly say I've identified with every episode so far. It has both Doogie Howser and the flute girl from American Pie in supporting roles. I would describe the lead character as a contemporary version of the "me" from four or five years ago. Does that make sense? He's how I could see myself if Hope and I hadn't started dating and fallen in love when we did.

If only I had the talent and idea I could've written for this show from personal experience:

-He overthinks his interactions with women. He has a tough time meeting women because of it and when he does he can't embrace the moment because he's wondering if they're the one (and they usually are not). Been there.
-He has a good fiend that is his social opposite - no problem talking to women, can get away with playing the jerk, parties more than he should but everything works out for him in the end. Ted admires that and occasionaly gives in to his buddies attempts to get him to cut loose and not think (and he has a good time doing it, despite the after effects the next day). Sounds a bit like Brother Washburn.
-He even lives with a good buddy who's a law student and engaged - his fiance basically lives with them. Charley & Nicole, right down to the profession.

The show is a bit silly but I think it's neat that I can relate to so much of it. It's kinda like pop culture is running parallel with my life. While growing up it seemed that mainstream characters were always written older than me, even if I was supposedly the same age - endless reruns of "Saved By The Bell" come to mind.

TV isn't the only place I've noticed that I've caught up with pop culture. I've always been a fan of comedy and growing up that meant appreciating Dave Letterman and SNL crews of the time (Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, etc). These days I've noticed that the best comedians are my age. My two most favorite are Daniel Tosh and Mike Birbiglia. Look for them on Letterman or in your local comedy club.

If you get a chance check out those shows, too, especially How I Met Your Mother - who can't love a show narrated Wonder Years-style by none other than Bob Saget.