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I was talking with some higher ups at work last week and they suggested I need to expand my local network. Since, I'm still a new Indianian (pronounced "Who-zure") I don't know many folks around town. I've joined one organization - the Indianapolis Phi Delta Theta Alumni group - which fits well since I myself am a Phi Delt alumnus. Hope and I helped start another group - the Iowa State University Alumni Assocation Gamewatch Club of Indianapolis (long name, I know). So we're getting to know some folks there.

Yesterday, I saw the Young Professionals of Central Indiana organization mentioned and I figure that's a good place to grow. Brothers Washburn and Woodin are active in the YP groups in Des Moines and Ames (respectively) and speak well for their versions - hopefully the Indy branch will live up to the hype.

I can't really call it expanding my network but the last several weeks have put in the presence of some notable individuals. A couple weeks ago I attended the Indiana Logistics Symposium which was a meeting of translog types and public officials who care about translog types. Several public officials spoke: the Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis, the Lt. Governor of Indiana, the Indiana University President, and the Purdue University President (anyone remember a certain Dr. Martin Jischke?) [pictured].
Yesterday, I went to the Indiana Technology Summit. This one included several local/state business leaders, the Indiana Governor, and former FCC chairman Micheal Powell. I also had a meeting with the Secretary of State earlier this summer and will meet the State Director of Agriculture next week. I also got word that the ISUAA is lining up an evening at the Pacer game and they are working to get Jamaal Tinsley involved. A couple too many conservatives in the list but not too bad for less than a year in town. Of course, none of these folks know my name (and less than handful more even spoke to me directly) but I s'pose I need some things to work on for next year.