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Des Moines, Iowa


"I need oxygen...and some breadsticks"

Geoff Wood

Last night the Cyclones upset #21 Colorado for their 4th win in a row. The game was a late one (kick off scheduled for 7 PM Eastern) and was delayed 40 minutes when tornadoes touched down in Ames and surrounding counties just prior to game time. Apparently, the University had to clear the stands shipping 50,000 people to the Indoor Training Facility and Hilton Coliseum.

It wasn't a spectacular game by the Cyclone offense. Meyer is credited with one touchdown but should have had another (hopefully the Big 12 will figure out how to use this reply option they put in place). Special teams did very well. Culbertson hit a career-long field goal as well as two others (which is great against because we lost to CU by 5 points last year and missed two makable field goals).

The night was huge for the Cyclone Defense. They had two picks and one fumble recovery. The fumble recovery was returned for a TD by the safety (Paris) that picked it up. The second INT was what sealed the night. It was picked off out of mid air by Brent Curvey and returned more than sixty yards for a TD.

This is remarkable since Brent doesn't play in the secondary; he plays up on the line. And, he's 300 plus pounds! And it's not the first time he's done it - he had two touchdowns last season (see the pic above from last year's game vs. Kansas).

It put the game away as a WIN for ISU and was a lot of fun for our gamewatch crowd and I'm sure for ISU fans everywhere. One kid at the bar with us got a big laugh when he mimicked what Curvey might be saying on the sidelines following the big run "I need oxygen...and some breadsticks".