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Why do I follow football?

Geoff Wood

I've been asking this of myself more often than not while I endure games this season. It doesn't matter the level - my college team sucks, my NFL team is worse, even my fantasy team is bad.

Don't get me wrong, I'm used to these teams losing. It shouldn't be a surprise. My NFL team, the Vikings, hasn't been to a Superbowl in my life time. However, they've always been talented and competitive. Not the case this season. My college team, Iowa State, has never been mistaken for a powerhouse. They have, however, won plenty of games in the last ten years and almost always looked promising. Again, not the case this season.

For a fan of these two particular squads, its almost a study in a losing. Let's take two teams and give them high expectations. Let's let the media and coaching soundbites fool us into thinking that both teams should contend for division crowns and beyond.

That's where we split the two groups in the study:

Take the pro-team (who had the loftier expectations of the two). They are about to go 1-4 (I just turned their 5th game off after they threw a QB pick late in the 4th down 3-21) in their first five weeks with little to no glimmers of hope for success or turn around. They've been a complete embarrassment to this point with their only winnable game coming at home against a team who hadn't been home in weeks thanks to their town being ravaged by two hurricanes.

The Cyclones on the other hand are 3-3 with a dominant win and two close ones. Among their losses are two overtime road games. Even in the latter three games they've shown success (often leading late into the 4th quarter). I believe they have the talent to be 6-0, if anything their biggest problem has been how to maintain a lead and close out a win.

The real question is which is more frustrating? I pick the latter. Regardless, it's been a disappointing fall for sure.