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Heyo - here’s the fun stuff.

I’ve been married to a wonderful lady for nearly seven years. She and I met in undergrad (she was dating a friend at the time) but we didn’t start dating until a few years after graduation. I made the first move but talked myself out of a second, luckily she took the initiative and asked me out. We’ve been together ever since.

A few years ago we created an awesome little boy. He’s beautiful and has some attitude. He has a healthy affection for Thomas the Tank Engine and puzzles and loves every single animal (real or plush) he lays his eyes on. He keeps us entertained most of the time and gets on our nerves the rest, but we couldn’t imagine life today without him. 

We moved back to Des Moines in 2009 and have loved ever minute of it. Officially, we live in a sleepy little suburb of 4000 people called Windsor Heights, sandwiched between the city proper and West Des Moines. We bought an awesome 75+ year old house on a block filled with little kids and dogs running every direction. 

I’ll always call Cedar Rapids, Iowa my hometown though I wasn’t born there and lived in several places growing up. It was the last one, the longest one and where I graduated high school as well as the place where my oldest friends also call home. Unfortunately, even though that house was all but lost in the 2008 floods, it is the place I think about when conversations go back to “the good old days.”

My undergraduate education was at Iowa State University where I had a lot of fun, learned a ton both in class and out, and had the great experience to work in-depth with two organizations, Phi Delta Theta and Iowa State Dance Marathon. Both are close to my heart still today and I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am had I not been involved with either. I graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Community and Regional Planning, which I've never really used. Iowa State is also where I developed a deep affection for the Cyclones football and basketball teams - something that has caused much heartache and frustration (and, occasional joy) over the last dozen years.

Seven years later I started graduate school at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. It was this decision, though unintentional, that set me on my current path. Most folks working at startups don’t give much credence to b-school but it was through Kelley that I realized that I would be happiest working on a small team with a clear vision and also where I was able to get up the nerve to quit my day job. It’s also where I figured out that I have a love for formal education and I now know that my MBA will not be the last degree I earn.